Only superheros can get away with wearing unitards.   And sometimes even that gets iffy.  Photo by Flickr user OpalMirror, used via Creative Commons license.

It took us a few days to figure out how we  would adapt this week’s Project Accessory episode.  You see, each of the contestants was  given a unitard as a base for their look.  And I’m pretty sure that unless you’ve got the wardrobe of an 80s hair metal band, you probably don’t have one of those just layin’ around.

Their challenge was to make accessories that turned the unitards into wearable outfits.  Now, if you ask me, a spandex bodysuit isn’t appropriate for wear in public, no matter what belts or bracelets you put with it, but that’s a whole ‘nother thing.

The whole idea behind the challenge is to take something that by itself is fairly terrible as far as fashion is concerned and turn it into something that’s awesome.  So we’re  going with something else plain and not-so-fashion-forward:  A black t-shirt and a pair of black leggings.  Here’s the challenge:

  1. Challenge items will be designed to be paired with a black t-shirt and black  leggings and make them look like a more fashionable outfit.
  2. Create at least two accessories for the look.
  3. Be thrifty!  The looks should be created mostly from dollar store, thrift store, clearance rack, recycled, and other inexpensive or free materials.

Check back next weekend to see what we come up with!  Think you can handle the challenge too?  If you’re playing along as well, you can link up your creations next weekend!