Drawers are such a challenge, aren’t they?  They’re great for holding all of those little odds and ends that would otherwise get lost around the house, but if your drawers are in disarray, items can still be just as difficult to find.  Over at the DSC Facebook Fan Page, reader Leslie asks:

Does anyone have any cheap/easy ways to organize dresser drawers? My drawers aren’t very deep. Would using cardboard as separators work?

A couple of readers have offered suggestions already.

  • Kat says, “Try some small boxes, and use the lids, too! Easy found at the dollar store! I do it, especially for my sewing desk, for all those little whatnots and thingamajigs I can’t afford to lose!”
  • Kelly suggests,”You could use cereal boxes, snack boxes or even shoe boxes. Just cut them to size.  You could even wrap them in contact paper to make them stronger.”

What do you use to organize your drawers?  Do you have any suggestions?  Please share them!

Photo by Flickr user jeamac, Creative Commons