Keurig cup filter
Reader Colleen threw down the crafty gauntlet today! She needs a little help figuring out to do with this little goodie she found in the bottom of a Keurig K-cup. It’s a plastic disk with a hole in the center, and many holes all the way around. It’s about an inch across.

At our Dollar Store Crafts Facebook page, Rhonda suggested:

  • You could spray paint them (maybe a low-key metallic finish?) and turn it into a pendant. You could weave fine ribbon through the holes or use jump rings to add charms.

And my comment:

  • It reminds me of one of those little discs they use for beading & then put on earrings or cocktail rings.

I bet Mich L. in LA would do great things with this goodie!

So, creative readers, what would you do with this little thing?