business card rings

On our Dollar Store Crafts Facebook Page, Sylvia asks: I’m a small business owner, and since I’m moving, I have about 300 business cards with the wrong address and phone # on them…..does anyone have any ideas of stuff to make with business cards?

  • Suggestions for Reusing Business Cards from Recycle This
  • Make Business Card Rings instead of handing out business cards by Upcycle Your Life (photo above) – not exactly what you asked, but this project was too amazing not to share!
  • Mini Notepad: Clip cards together with a binder clip and keep it by the phone (ha ha, remember when we used to have those phones??)
  • ATCs… Light: ATCs (Artist Trading Cards) are little playing card sized pieces of art. Business cards aren’t quite wide enough to be ATCs… technically. But nothing is stopping you from using your old business cards to create tiny works of art.
  • Make Gift Tags: Embellish the business side of the card (paint it, or glue pretty paper to it), then put the To/From info on the blank side. (via jennifer)
  • Make Mini Scrapbooks: Check this awesome mini scrapbook instruction sheet from Kirsty Neal
  • Make Faux Paint Chip Sample Cards: paint stripes of coordinating colors like paint sample cards, and use them for all those fun paint chip crafts (via louisa)
  • Keep track of simple knitting patterns (via Ella’s commentin the Recycle This article):I use cards like these when I make scarves and such, knitting the same rows over and over again.Write one row of the pattern on each card, punch a hole in the corner and thread them on a string. When one row is finished, simply turn the card to the back of the stack. Very easy to keep track of which row you’re on.

    This beats the photocopy-with-crossed-out-rows, hands down. Also, I save them in case I ever do the same pattern again. They’re usually good for that, even when I’ve travelled with the project.

Readers, what would you do with leftover business cards?

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