This project comes to us from our pet fashion correspondent Erika from Sew DoggyStyle, whose pooches are the best-dressed canines in all of blogland.  They’re here today to share a dollar store project perfect for colder weather: turning a dollar store scarf into a cozy pair of leg warmers!  Not only will they keep your dog’s legs toasty on chilly days, but they will also look stylish on walks around the neighborhood!

Project estimate:

  • Scarf, $1
  • Sewing machine, on hand

Total:  $1

How to Make Doggy Legwarmers

by Erika, Sew DoggyStyle

This scarf I actually got at The Dollar Tree.  One Dolla!!!  They have a variety of color combos and I think stripes make adorable leg warmers.  You can virtually make these leg warmers to fit any sized dog.  I made them for my big dog, since leg warmers are kinda for girls…  Haha!

I cut the scarf at every six stripes since that seemed like a good height.  Cut a total of 4 pieces.  For smaller dogs, cut every four stripes…or less.

Serge or zigzag the top and bottom of each piece to keep the threads from unraveling.  Then fold each piece in half lengthwise with right sides together and stitch down the sides.  For smaller dogs, take in the sides as much as needed.  Measure their legs to determine how much needs to be taken in.

Turn each piece right side out and tada!!!

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