Oh, Christmas cards.  How I love to receive you in the mail, and how I hate to throw you away when the new year rolls around!  It’s bad enough tossing out pretty cards with scenes of snowy trees or glittery angels or jolly snowmen, but then there are the photo cards.  I mean, how can I bring myself to throw out a picture of my cousin’s two little boys in their John Deere pajamas, or of dear friends I haven’t seen in years grinning together in goofy his-and-hers holiday hats?  On our Facebook wall, reader Julie S. wants to know what she can do with them.  She writes:

I got a lot of photo holiday cards this year. Mixed with last year’s, my refrigerator is packed! Any ideas, aside from just putting them in a photo book, for a craft that I can make out of them?

Do you save photo Christmas cards from year to year? Do you have any crafty ideas for them?

[photo by Flickr user blush printables, Creative Commons]