big ass book of crafts 2

Last year, I got my first Mark Montano book, and I discovered that Mark and I are kindred cheap-craftin’ spirits. He recently sent me his most recent Big Ass book, The Big Ass Book of Crafts 2 to review. Mark is the King of dollar store crafting — did you know he literally wrote the book on dollar store decor? it’s called Dollar Store Decor, and I finally just bought it, too. Mark’s books are must-haves in my collection because he is such a creative thinker, a funny writer, and all around inspiring guy. Oh, and did I mention the crafts?

Title: The Big-Ass Book of Crafts 2
Author: Mark Montano
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
List Price: $19.99 (Currently selling at Amazon for about $13.50)

diy license plate frame

This is one of my favorite simple-yet-awesome ideas in the book: make a custom license plate frame! Oh, reading the license plate frame reminds me, my five year-old son is learning to read, and I left this book out on the side table. He said: “Big Azz… is that Azz or Ass?”

If you love, then you will love this book. So many of our favorite dollar store materials are included (ribbon, paperclips, zip ties!). One thing I love most about Mark’s projects is that you don’t have to take a trip to the store to make most of his crafts – the ideas are easy-to-do, and made with items you have around the house or can easily purchase at the dollar store. Mark is also quite an original — you won’t find projects like Mark’s anywhere else — they are 100% his style. Example: baby doll head salt and pepper shakers!

baby head salt and pepper shakers

(There’s a whole section on baby doll head crafts – hee hee!)

paperclip glass chandelier

Awesome paperclip glass marble chandelier – we all know where to get the paperclips and glass marbles!

I also love that it is so obvious that Mark loves to create and takes time to get creative every day.  After I read this book, I felt like getting crafty immediately after I put the book down! The book is very encouraging and inspiring, and because Mark’s style is so unique, it makes you feel like it’s good to have your own style instead of being a copy of someone else. Even if you craftfail a lot in the process (like I do!).

Here are some more favorite projects from the book:

ribobn makeup bag

Ribbon Makeup Bag (great use for my ribbon stash!)

pyramid side table

Pyramid Side Table – Mark made this from lumber, but what would happen if you bought dollar store frames in graduated sizes?

beaded fringe necklace

Love love love this Beaded Fringe Necklace. Looks like a TON of work, but the dirty little secret is that all the beads are from pre-beaded fringe! Brilliant!

You will find tons of inspiration in the pages of The Big Ass Book of Crafts 2, in the form of fun, kitschy, zany, and fun ideas that use common everyday materials to create artistic, useful items. There are over 150 projects in the book (from home decor, jewelry and accessories, to paper crafts), so even at the full list price, you are paying less than 14 cents an idea. Now that’s what I call cheap crafting!


d: Links to buy books are amazon affiliate links & this book was given to me free to review by Mark Montano with no strings attached. All opinions are mine.