I always end up buying too many candy canes.  I eat my fill of them through the holidays, but somehow there are always still an handful of them floating around the house come spring.  If you are looking for a creative and delicious way to use up your extras, Carolyn from Carolyn’s Homework has a sweet suggestion: turn them into minty sugar cubes!  The pretty pink color is perfect for Valentine’s Day (which will be here before you know it!) and they’re a fun and fancy way to add a little flavor to your coffee, tea, or hot chocolate.  (Tea party, anyone?)  [how to turn leftover candy canes into minty sugar cubes]

Project estimate:

  • Candy canes, on hand
  • Food processor, on hand
  • Sugar, on hand
  • Candy molds or ice cube trays, on hand or $1

Total:  Free or $1