pb inspired mirror tutorial

Our most popular post of all time is the PB-Inspired Tiled Mirror, but there’s just one problem: the original tutorial for that project has been deleted from the internet. And, it used a poster frame, which adds a considerable expense if you don’t already have it on hand. Last week while I was browsing my local dollar store, I figured out a quick and easy way to get the same look, with way less trouble. To make this version of the mirror, you don’t have to know how to use any tools… just duct tape and glue. Everyone can do that, right?

tiled mirror

With the dollar store, you are always somewhat limited because items you find there can only be so large for $1. My solution to this is to combine small things together to make a bigger impact (like I did with this bulletin board project). That’s all we’re doing with this project! Attaching some small mirrors together to make a big one.

tiled mirror supplies

Project Materials:

  • 9 framed mirrors, $9
  • Duct tape, on hand
  • Piece of black foam core board, $1
  • Ribbon or picture-hanging wire, on hand or $1
  • Craft glue, on hand
  • Hot glue & glue gun, on hand

Total: $10

Make sure you choose all mirrors that are the same size – mine were about 8.5 x 11″. I also recommend selecting the same color of frame. In my case, I chose black frames.

This project is all about the duct tape. Use the tape to attach the mirrors securely together, and then you will reinforce the whole thing with the foam core board.

Part One: Attach the Mirrors to Each other With Duct Tape

tiled mirror

1. Unwrap the mirrors. Then, line up three mirrors on your work surface, face down. Make sure they are VERY lined up, as evenly and close together as you can get.

tiled mirror step 1

2. Add duct tape over the seams, and across the seams and all the mirrors, as shown. Basically, there is no such thing as too much tape.

Repeat for the next two rows of 3 mirrors, until you have three identically taped together rows.

tiled mirror step 3

3. Line up two of your rows next to each other. Again, keep them as even and as close as you can. Tape across the seams (as shown by the yellow duct tape), and then over the seams. Attach the third row to the first two in the same way.

tiled mirorro taping

4. When all three rows are securely taped together across all seams, add additional reinforcing duct tape. I put a large X across the whole thing (I ran out of silver tape in this photo, but I extended the X all the way across the mirrors. I also put tape all the way around the outside perimeter of the mirrors.

Like I said, there is no such thing as too much duct tape.

Part Two: Reinforce With Foam Core Board

tiled mirror step 5

At this point, you will be adding the ribbon for hanging. Just a note, I have not tested out how strong the ribbon & hot glue combination is for hanging because I have been leaning my mirror up against the wall instead. You need to add the foam core backing to the mirrors because if you leave them as they are, they are flexible and will bend and it really compromises the duct tape joints.

1. Trim a piece of black foam core to fit the back of the mirrors. I left about one inch around the whole thing, so the foam core wasn’t right up against the edges of the mirrors.

2. Hot glue the ends of a piece of ribbon to each side of the top third of the back of the mirror. Make sure these ribbons are long enough to tie together comfortably.

3. Put craft glue on the back of the mirrors, and place the foam core board over the glue – making sure you leave the ribbon sticking out.

5. Let the foam core and glue dry completely.

6. Tie ribbons together using a square knot. Don’t leave much slack unless you want the ribbon to show when you hang it.

tiled mirror

There you go! It took longer to write this up than it did to make it. I promise, it’s super easy! You can totally do this!

tiled mirror idy