persephone bottle necklace modeled

Some people are born with style, some people achieve style, and some people… need a little bit of help in the style department. I am definitely one of those girls! Jewelmint is an online jewelry club that takes the guesswork out of style. To get started, take Jewelmint’s fast, fun Style Assessment so they can get to know you and your personal style. Based on your preferences, your stylist will create a monthly selection of bracelets, rings, earrings and necklaces for you to choose from. [take the Style Quiz]

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Founded by fashion icon Kate Bosworth and Hollywood’s stylist of the year, Cher Coulter, Jewelmint exists to bring you the ultimate in affordable accessories luxury with their member-only jewelry club.

So how exactly does Jewelmint work? The FREE club is an online store that chooses styles for you based on your fashion personality profile. You take a short quiz upon (free) registration, and then you gain access to exclusive, handmade designer jewelry picked just for you. The quiz is fun – kind of like a “What is your style?” quiz you would find in a fashion magazine.

The best part is that every piece is $29.99. If you buy cool jewelry, you know that this is a great deal for a handmade, designer piece. There are also limited amounts of each piece, so you know you are wearing something unique.

Want to see my results? Here’s what was recommended, and I’m wondering if you can tell kind of what my style is from the selection:

indian escape earrings

My Top Match: Indian Escape Earrings


persephone bottle necklace

Persephone Necklace

paradise cove necklace

Paradise Cove Necklace


Looks like I skew a little bit Boho, a little bit mod. I’m going to tell you, Jewelmint seems to know my style better than I know it myself.

Remember, these selections are custom chosen for ME, so you will probably score some completely different recommendations when you take the quiz!

Not just Jewelry, but also Professional Stylist Advice

I want to share the details on the Jewelmint product page with you, because as a style-challenged person, I really appreciated learning more about each piece, and why it was designed, and why it is a good fit for me. So, for the Persephone Necklace shown above, I got a bunch of info on the product page including:

persephone bottle necklace modeled

A photo of the Persephone Bottle Necklace actually being worn by a model. This helps me learn the size and length of the necklace, and also gives me some style cues for how to wear it.


persephone comment

A quote by Kate Bosworth on why she likes this piece, why it was designed, and how to wear it. Some pages have quotes from stylist Cher. I appreciate that you can really see Kate & Cher’s input all over the site, and you feel like it really is their business, instead of them being figureheads or tokens to sell stuff.

Then, each piece also comes with a little promo video:

persephone bottle video

This is just a photo of the video, so don't press play!

The video shows the piece, tells the story of how it was designed, shows it on a model, and gives suggestions for how to wear it.

I really love all the tools Jewelmint provides to help you learn about style, and how to become stylish. For those of us who need a little help…

And once you get signed up, you will get promo codes by email for discounts — and I KNOW you love discounts!

diving belle earrings

For instance, I just got a code for 60% off these Diving Belle Earrings (among many other cool pieces). Woot!

Anyway, there’s your personal tour of Jewelmint. Sign up and take the quiz, and get started having fun learning about your personal style.

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