tiled mirror

Inspired by our tiled mirror tutorial, reader Sarah from The Thriftress did us one better and created a larger tiled mirror using the weathered framed mirrors from the dollar store. I love the way she has styled her mantle – so pretty and earthy (and thrifty!) — and, a huge mantle mirror for less than $20? That’s amazing! I love this mirror on Sarah’s stone fireplace, but it would be just as at home in a beachy decor scheme. Thanks for sharing your amazing project on our Facebook page, Sarah! [how to make the tiled mirror] [the thriftress’ spring mantle]

To make a mirror like this one, you will need to use our instructions for the PB-Inspired tiled mirror but use 15 mirrors to make this larger version. You will need to cut down your foam core board backing, or for a sturdier mirror, try using thin plywood. If you use plywood, you can use wood glue to adhere everything to the wood.

Shopping tip: to find 15 mirrors with the same frame color, you might have to shop around a bit at your local Dollar Tree, or try ordering them from DollarTree.com and having them delivered to your nearby store for free shipping.

Project Materials:

  • 15 framed mirrors, $15
  • Duct tape, on hand
  • 2 pieces of black foam core board, $2
  • Ribbon or picture-hanging wire, on hand or $1
  • Craft glue, on hand
  • Hot glue & glue gun, on hand

Total: $17 and up