joans necklace diy

Anyone a fan of Mad Men? My friend and fellow dollar store crafter Jess from Mad in Crafts is celebrating the return of Mad Men with a series of Mad Men-inspired craft projects. I had to get in on the fun, so I made Joan Holloway’s Necklace. I hope you know which necklace I mean–The pretty gold pen necklace, which sends the message that Joan is stylish AND practical. Find the instructions for making it over at Mad in Crafts: [make joan holloway’s pen necklace]

Project Materials:

  • 1 pen with a top loop (I used a 4-color Bic pen), $2
  • 1 jar of gold model paint (found in the model car section at my local craft store), $2
  • 1 throwaway paintbrush, on hand
  • 1 jump ring, on hand
  • 1 coordinating chain (about 30″), on hand or about $3 and up
  • Paper to protect your work surface
  • Optional, a pair of needle-nosed pliers (or 2)

Total: $4 and up