One day a while back I was scrubbing some lime scale off of my kitchen faucet (exciting, right?) when I looked down at the sponge in my hand it made me think of cake.  A little weird, I know.  (Alright, so maybe I was a little PMS-y that day too.  Chances are at that point almost anything would have reminded me of a dessert.)  When I found thin sponge cloths at Dollar Tree a few days later, the dollhouse-obsessed side of my crafty personality got a little excited.  This tiny cake isn’t any more edible than the sponge that inspired it, but it sure does look a lot yummier!

Project estimate:

  • Sponge cloths, $1
  • Wooden disc, on hand or $1 and up
  • Button, on hand
  • Paint, on hand
  • Craft knife, on hand
  • Mod Podge, on hand
  • Glue, on hand

Total:  $1 and up

My sponge cloths came in three colors: orange, blue, and yellow.  You could make a crazy colorful cake, but I used the yellow sponge for my cake so it would look more traditional.  Cut three one-inch circles out of the sponge.  Seal each circle of sponge with Mod Podge, which will prevent your paint “frosting” from soaking into the sponge.

Mix equal parts Mod Podge and craft paint in the color you want your frosting to be.  Paint a thick layer onto the top of each circle.

Stack the three circles together to form your cake.  (To make a cake with more layers, just keep adding circles until it reaches the height you want!)

Paint more of the mixture around the outside of the stack so that your cake is completely frosted.  Let it dry overnight.

Cut a wedge-shaped slice out of the cake with a craft knife.  (It’s easiest to cut the cake if you flip it upside-down and work from the bottom.)  Brush a layer of Mod Modge over the exposed sponge to protect it.

To make a serving tray for the cake and a plate for the slice, you need a 1 1/2 inch wooden circle and a button.

Paint both pieces if desired.  I painted both of mine white because I was feeling all matchy-matchy.

Glue the cake and slice to the pieces you just painted with some strong glue.  (I used Amazing Goop.)  That’s it!  It was a piece of cake, right?