paperclip necklace

Our friend Selina (sister #1 of The Sisters 4 Say More is More) has always been a budget fashionista, so it’s no surprise she’s really been on a roll with dollar store statement necklaces.  She recently made a fabric-wrapped ball necklace;  she’s here again today to share a glam creation made from a very humble material:  paper clips!  She used gold paperclips, but I also saw black and white paper clips at Dollar Tree the other day if you prefer a more graphic look.  ~ Rhonda

Project estimate:

  • Paperclips, $1
  • Cord, on hand or $1
  • Straight pins, on hand or $1

Total:  $1 and up

So, my quest to have endless options for statement necklaces at a fraction of the cost has led me to look at found objects with a very different perspective.  Gold paperclips are no longer paper clips, they are fancy accessories, waiting for their potential to be unleashed!

So I linked them together and pinned them in place.

I wrapped a cord around my pins and tacked it in place…

…then looped some cord in and out of each clip while also grabbing the first cord.

Make sure to leave enough cord on either side to tie in the back. All done!

This necklace gets more compliments than any other that I own!  The next thing out of everyone’s mouth is, “Wait… are those paperclips?!”