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Yes, there IS a better way to store your scrapbook paper than just stacking it up to the ceiling! Check out this nifty (and pretty) scrapbook storage system from Paper Lust. I love how easy and accessible the paper becomes by storing it in ziptop bags hanging in a closet. This is just ONE of many brilliant craft room storage ideas Briana has! Another of my favorites: storing stickers in files in a drawer. [see paper lust’s amazing organized craft room]

For this tip, you will have to special order 2 gallon ziptop bags, as the common grocery store 1 gallon bags are not large enough for 12×12″ scrapbook paper. The best price I found was for 13×15″ ziptop bags on Amazon in a 100 pack for about $16, which comes out to about 16 cents per bag. You can find packs of pants hangers at your local big box or organization store, or online, or shop around at your local thrift store for low-priced pants hangers.

EDITED to ADD: A lot of people have since told me that Dollar Tree carries 2 gallon ziptop bags! They come 6 to a pack! So, yay for that!

Project Estimate:

Total: Starting at $2

I will admit, am organizationally challenged. I try to organize my craft supplies, but somehow between the crafting, the blogging, and the cleaning up, the organization doesn’t happen. When I look at my stacks of craft supplies, I just blank out. I don’t know how to tackle them to make them organized, useful, AND attractive. It is truly overwhelming!

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