When I heard about the Scribble Challenge, I got really excited.  See, Scribble Shop is an online craft store that sells over 75,000 different items.  (Yeah, they have pretty much everything!)  For this challenge post, they sent me a box containing a selection of a few of the items they sell; my job was to create a project using as many of the contents as possible.  When my box arrived, it was so much fun to open!  I found that it contained:

The first thing that came to mind when I saw the wool roving was something that’s been on my crafty bucket list:  needle felting!  Then the combination of the feathers and glitter, along with the colors in the box, made me think of Mardi Gras.  It was an “a-ha!” moment.  I knew I had to make some sort of felted mask.  The materials were begging for just such a treatment!

We could also use items from our own stash to supplement the materials provided in the box.  In addition to the goodies that Scribble Shop sent, I used:

Depending what  you have on hand and whether or not you use the exact same components, you should be able to replicate this project for about $10 and up.

First I used a Sharpie to draw the shape of a mask on my felted sweater.  (If you don’t feel comfortable drawing freehand, sketch it on a piece of paper first, then cut it out and use that as a template to transfer the image to your felt.)

Then I used my needle felting tool and mat to fill in the mask with wool roving.  I twisted the pieces of roving as I attached them to create a swirl-like pattern.

Once the entire mask was felted, I mounted it in the embroidery hoop and trimmed away the excess felt.  I used the chalkboard paint to paint the embroidery hoop black before mounting the mask in it.

Next came the best part: embellishing the mask!  I started by gluing a grouping of feathers to the top of the mask.

Then I carefully pressed the glitter brads through the felt to dress up the corners of the mask.

I used the fabric to cover the base of the feathers.  I cut a circle out of the fabric and used my i-top button maker with brad backs to make a custom brad.  Alternatively, you can get the same effect using an upholstery button kit.

After I ate the candies (trust me, they didn’t survive long), I carefully smoothed out the foil and tucked it aside.  I pulled it back out to give the mask gilded features.  I cut two eye shapes and a lip shape out of scrap cardboard, then wrapped them in the gorgeous gold foil.

I used the glue pen that came with the glitter to make a fine line around the edge of each gold-wrapped piece, then dumped on some sparkle.  Once the glue dried, I tapped off the excess glitter and glued the features into place.

Huzzah!  I managed to use everything in the box!!  (*Pats self on back*)  If you had to use everything in the box to make one project, what would you create?

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Disclosure:  This post is part of a paid campaign with ScribbleShop.com and Blueprint Social.  All opinions are 100% my own.  Full disclosure here.