Happy Earth Day!  It’s one of our favorite holidays here at DSC, since we are avid recyclers all year ’round.  We just adore recycled craft projects!  One of the most innovative we’ve seen in a while is this soda-bottles-turn-jewelry-stand from Jen at Epbot.  (She’s full of amazing ideas for accessory storage – remember her flip flop hangers?)  She discovered that the dimpled bottoms from 2-liter soda bottles make great trays for sorting jewelry, small trinkets, or any other tidbits you want to store in it.  And it looks really cool too!  [how to make a recycled soda bottle jewelry stand]

Project estimate:

  • Soda bottles, on hand
  • Sandpaper or Dremel tool, on hand
  • Drill, on hand
  • Threaded rod, about $2
  • Nuts and washers, on hand or $1 and up

Total:  about $2 and up