styled by tori spelling
Back in January, I went to the Craft & Hobby Association trade show (open only to members of CHA) – it’s the show where all the craft manufacturers show their latest new products, and retailers (like Michaels, Jo-Ann, as well as mom & pop craft stores) see the latest and greatest craft goodies, and decide what they are going to sell in stores over the year. While I was there, one of the most memorable things I saw was a new jewelry line called {styled} by Tori Spelling.

heather and tori spelling

Did you know Tori Spelling is a crafter? She said at CHA that she had two major passions in life (beside her family): crafting and fashion. I was so struck by how down-to-earth, real and sincere Tori was in person. Talking to her was just like talking to another friend who enjoys crafts as much as I do.

I was impressed by the {styled} by Tori Spelling line because it is a simple yet brilliant idea (does that formula sound familiar? It’s one of our favorites here at DSC) – a jewelry system that allows you to be creative and make custom jewelry, but without tools or any jewelry-making expertise.

The line includes several parts that you can combine and re-combine to make custom jewelry pieces. (I have been describing it as “Lego for Mommies” to my boys.) The parts are: a necklace top, connectors, and the necklace bottom. There are also pendants that you can attach anywhere you want as focal points, as well as findings to make earrings or bracelets.

Check out how easy it is – you can create a necklace in 1-2-3 with the three parts:

styled how to jewelry

How to make a Styled by Tori Spelling Necklace:

Gather a necklace top (chain), 2 connectors (I used rhinestone rings), and a necklace bottom.

Step 1: Clip the jump-ring from one side of the necklace top to the jump-ring on the necklace bottom.

Step 2: Repeat for the other side.

Step 3: (optional) Add a pendant to customize the look.

You’re done!

styled coral necklace

When I saw this jewelry line, I immediately volunteered to be a “Brand Ambassador,” which means that I told them I liked the line so much and believed in its simplicity and appeal so much that I was willing to talk about it on my blog regularly. No, this line can’t be found in a dollar store, but it does adhere to some of my site’s other key principles: simple yet high-impact crafts, it’s something anyone can do, and it helps you achieve a stylish look on a budget.

making jewelry

I brought my Styled by Tori Spelling goodies to my mom’s house yesterday and we had big-girl dress up fun! We spread all our Styled by Tori Spelling components out on the table and spent a few hours combining and re-combining the parts to see what kinds of looks we could achieve. If you are looking for a super-fun low-impact craft that anyone can do, this is amazing! You would have so much fun at a girls’ night out with this stuff.

styled by tori spelling collections

There are four distinct collections in the Styled by Tori Spelling line: Glitz, Glam, Boho, and Noir. They each have distinctly different styles, but can be mixed or matched any way you choose.

styled leaf charm

One of my mom’s favorite pieces was this rhinestone leaf pendant.

styled copper leaf necklace

We all LOVE this copper leaf necklace bottom from the Boho collection.

styled boho copper feathers

This free-spirited necklace is the type of piece you could expect to pay over $100 for at a boutique like Anthropologie. We combined two Boho necklace bottoms – a feather and fringe piece and a copper and turquoise stone piece. I love how you can wear a necklace like this with a white shirt and look pulled together.

styled necklaces

Here are a few more necklaces we made. I’ll share more about them in an upcoming post!

You can find the {styled} by Tori Spelling line in stores now at major craft retailers and online. For lots of style inspiration and to keep tabs on the line, become a fan of Styled by Tori Spelling on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Disclosure: I am affiliated as a brand ambassador with {styled} by Tori Spelling. Opinions expressed are my own.