Anyone who has crafted for a few years has most likely encountered Mod Podge, the decoupage medium that is part glue, part sealer, and part finish. If you haven’t met Mod Podge yet, allow me to introduce you, in the form of Mod Podge Rocks!: Decoupage Your World, the new book by Amy Anderson, who has a great blog by the same name. But first, I have to confess this is going to be a biased review because 1.) the author Amy Anderson and I are best friends and 2.) I contributed a project to the book. I’ll try my best to be as objective as I can, though!

mod podge rocks book

The book includes over 40 projects that all focus on various decoupage techniques. They are bright, happy projects that include lots of fun colors and kitschy (yet trendy) themes, such as gnomes, deers, silhouettes, and a little retro influence as completely befits Mod Podge, which has been around for 45 years. Amy’s writing style is fun and humorous, so between the unique projects, the great photographs, and the writing, the book has everything.

mod podge formulas

At the beginning of the book, there’s a complete guide to Mod Podge, with an overview of all the formulas and which ones are best to use for which projects. Oh, and in case you are tempted to make your own Mod Podge, here are some reasons not to make your own Mod Podge on Amy’s blog. Sidenote: my absolute favorite Mod Podge product is Dimensional Magic, which is what I used to make my project in the book: a Bottle Cap Necklace. It’s a glossy clear glaze that looks like resin, but it easier to use.

mod podge bottle cap necklace with dimensional magic

You could use some dollar store supplies to make the projects in this book – for instance, you could use a dollar store frame to make this cute gnome plaque.

mod podge gnome plaque

Some items will rely on what you can find at your local thrift stores or flea markets, such as this Retro Patio Chair:

mod podge retro chair

This chair was revamped with the help of spray paint and decoupage.

Combine some of your favorite scrapbook papers and items to make this cool typography puzzle message board:

mod podge typography board

As you can see, there’s a variety of fun and inspirational projects in this book that take cues from days gone by, current design and craft trends, and pop culture.

And the price is right! The list price for the book is $14.99, which means you can find it at a discount at Amazon, or use your 40% off coupon at your local craft store.