Mod Podge Collage with Dimensional Magic

Who likes “special wall art” from the dollar store? No? How about if it is jazzed up and redone with the help of some pretty die-cuts and dimensional gloss? Why, yes! Thank goodness for Amy Anderson, who is always making super happy fun time art with the power of Mod Podge over at Mod Podge Rocks! And can I say, I LOVE Dimensional Magic, the aforementioned dimensional gloss? It is such a fun toy. [how to make dimensional dollar store art]

I love the concept of making art and then highlighting areas of it with Dimensional Magic. If you haven’t heard of DM, it’s a lot like resin, without the mixing, mess, and fuss. And it comes in a bottle with a small spout so it is easy to apply.

Project Materials:

  • Dollar store frame with cardboard backing (otherwise known as “special wall art”), $1
  • Mod Podge Matte, on hand or about $5
  • Mod Podge Dimensional Magic, about $5
  • Spray paint, on hand or $3 (don’t get the cheap $1 stuff)
  • Scrapbook paper, on hand or $.50 each
  • Craft glue, on hand

Total: $6 and up depending on your craft supply stash