One of my favorite design principles is that even the simplest object, when repeated in a pattern, becomes something beautiful.  It’s especially a great theory to apply when you are working with unexpected materials!  Khadija from Khadija’s Creative Mind had her sister save the plastic spoons from her childrens’ formula cans, which she then assembled into a funky starburst mirror.  I love how she alternated the orientation of the scoops, and the detail added by the tiny mirrors glued to the scoops.  Her scoops were red to begin with and she chose to leave them that way, but a touch of spray paint can make them any color you like! [how to make a formula scoop starburst mirror]

Project estimate:

  • Formula scoops, on hand
  • Board, plate, or other base, on hand or $1
  • Round mirror, $1 and up
  • Small mirrors, about $2 and up
  • Glue, on hand

Total:  about $3 and up