We love a good crafty challenge.  Nothing gets the creative juices flowing quite like it!  Jane from Buzzmills is took part in a “Feather Your Nest” challenge recently, the parameters of which were that the project had to:  1) include recycled materials and 2) it was a stitch-along, so there had to be sewing involved.  Taking a literal twist on the bird-related theme, she dug into her pile of magazines (who doesn’t have a million of those laying around collecting dust?) and came up with a simple (and free!) mobile.  She drew her own bird template for this project, but you could also do an image search for bird clipart to print and cut out if you don’t feel so artistically inclined.  Or you could go for a different shape altogether!  [how to make a recycled paper bird mobile]

Project estimate:

  • Magazines, on hand
  • Template, free
  • Sewing machine, on hand
  • String, on hand
  • Twig, on hand

Total:  Free!