rubber band cuff

I’ve been on a bracelet kick this week, and I have found some really fun bracelet DIY projects–some that beg to be shared with you, like this colorblock cuff made with… duh dunnn: Rubber Bands!! I just found a delightful blog called Delighted Momma, with lots of pretty craft tutorials including this one! So exciting whenever you find a really great blog! Anyway, the secret of this bracelet lies in rubber bands, and I bet you have some lying around your house. Or, of course, you can find them at the dollar store! [how to make a rubber band bracelet]

You will need to make your own cuff base or buy a premade cuff at the craft store or in the jewelry department of your local store.

Project Materials:

  • Cuff base or bracelet, $3
  • Rubber bands, on hand or $1

Total: $3 and up