I love pretty notebooks.  I always have.  There was a period in my tween years where I collected blank books and fancy notebooks, amassing dozens of them in which I never scrawled a single word because they were just too pretty to mar.  (Are you really that surprised to learn I was somewhat of a strange child?)  I still have a weakness for pretty notebooks, though these days I am more likely to go for the handmade variety like this woven map notebook by Ruby at Ruby Murray’s Musings.  These would make great graduation gifts for any college-bound students you know – and mom would probably like one for Mother’s Day too!  [how to make a woven map notebook]

Project estimate:

  • Map(s), on hand or free and up
  • Composition book, $1
  • Scotch tape, on hand
  • Double-stick tape, on hand or $1

Total:  $1 and up