So, you have this absolutely incredible idea for making a necklace.  You get halfway through making it and, as you sift through your collection of findings, realize that you are out of bails (the little parts you glue into pendants that allow a chain to pass through).  Don’t panic!  Thanks to Disney at Ruffles and Stuff, if you have a paperclip laying around, you can fashion your own!  With a few basic essentials that should be in every jewelry maker’s arsenal, you’ll be able to bail yourself out of your supply shortage in no time.  (Okay, go ahead and groan.  I blame my father the Pun Master for my sense of humor!)  Would you ever know that all of the pendants shown here are hung using paperclips?  True story!  [how to make paperclip jewelry bails]

Project estimate:

  • Paperclip, on hand
  • Wire cutters, on hand
  • Jewelry pliers, on hand
  • Jump ring, on hand

Total:  FREE!