best gardening items to buy at the dollar store

Are you planting a garden this year?  Whether you’re tilling up a big plot or just tending a few potted plants on the porch, there are tons of great DIY ideas out there that are perfect for gardens of all sizes.  Need some examples?  Here are some of our favorite garden-y projects, all using items that you can find at Dollar Tree.

[plastic serving bowls]

[plastic popcorn buckets]

plastic bowl urn

[DIY Urn Planter]

Flower pots can be expensive, especially if you are looking for ones that are a little bit fancier.  The good news is, you can put plants in nearly any container!  To make this urn-style planter, grab a plastic serving bowl and a plastic popcorn bucket.  If you don’t care for the color of the parts, a little bit of spray paint will make it any shade you desire.

[pool noodles]

[Pool Noodle Garland by Dollar Store Mom]

Besides flowers and veggies, what else does a garden need?  Some decorations, of course!  Our cohort Breanna came up with the idea of using pool noodles to make a colorful outdoor garland, perfect for adding a dash of personality to your garden or patio.

[flip flops]

[coffee mugs]

[Flip Flop Plant Sconces by Jon S. @ Garden Share]

This is one of our favorite garden ideas we’ve seen this year – or ever!  The simple combination of flip flop sandals and coffee mugs become sconce-style planters, bringing a bit of green to a wall or fence.  They’re as practical as they are cute!

[crepe paper streamers]

homemade seed tape

[DIY Seed Tape by Mad in Crafts]

One of the most important things you can buy for your garden?  Seeds!  Make planting them foolproof (and kid-friendly) by making homemade seed tape using crepe paper streamers.  Seed tape also makes a great gift for a green-thumbed friend!

[plastic stemware]

[Mardi Gras beads]

[Plastic Stemware Outdoor Chandelier]

Looking to push your garden decorating over the top?  Snag some plastic stemware and Mardi Gras beads and whip up a snazzy outdoor chandy!  People might look at you like you’re crazy when you tell them what you’re up to, but when they see the finished product chances are they will want one too!