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Need a quick and easy way to lift your spirits? How about adding some color to your environment with some inexpensive sticky notes from the dollar store, and some hand-written inspirational quotes. You can quickly and easily switch out the quotes whenever inspiration hits. This is great for dorm rooms, apartment living, or office cubicles – anywhere where you are prohibited from altering the walls permanently. This inspiration photo from oh,thosewonderfulnights. [the inspiration project]

Inspirational Sticky Note Wall

post it wall

by megan,

I was looking for an inexpensive, but fun way to add some color to my room. Positive, inspirational quotes, have always been some of my favorite things to either jot down, put on a whiteboard, or simply keep in the back of my mind. I came across a cute picture that had stuck bright, colorful, sticky notes on a wall and then had written quotes on them.

Bingo. That picture was all it took to get my thoughts flowing. I immediately ran downstairs and found a few stacks of sticky notes, grabbed some tape, and headed back to my room to start the project. The empty wall that sat above my desk, seemed like it needed a little something added to it…

Project Materials:

  • Sticky Notes (Any colors), $1
  • Colorful Markers, on hand
  • Tape, on hand

Total: $1

Helpful Tips
  • I recommend starting off by gathering your materials, then heading onto Pinterest for quotes. Every time I found a quote I liked, I wrote it down on the sticky note.
  • You can do any color combination you would like, I alternated two colors per row. Once I finished that row, I would choose 2 more colors to alternate. This helped to add variety.
  • Write in fun, colorful markers to spice up the notes a little. I used different fonts, angles, boldness, bubbles, etc. to add more interest.
  • Tape up the notes if they are having problems staying up on their own.
  • Draw shapes and pictures to describe the quotes to make it unique!
Just remember to have fun with it and read a few of them when you are having a bad day!
inspirational post it wall
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