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poured paint planter

I spotted a poured rainbow planter over at Dilly-Dali Art, and I put it on my to-craft list immediately. I have tons of half-used bottles of acrylic paint, and this was the perfect way to bust through my paint stash and create a unique flower pot. You can use this technique on small dollar store pots to make a unique gift for Mother's Day or teacher's gift.

Project Materials:

  • Terra cotta planter, $1 and up (mine was about $5)
  • Assorted acrylic paint, on hand or about $1 a bottle
  • A drop cloth
  • Posterboard or a canvas to catch the poured paint, on hand or $1 and up
  • Water in a pourable cup

Total: $1 and up (for the planter alone, see below for flower planting materials)

Make a Poured Paint Planter:

dripping paint pottery

1. Lay out your drop cloth to protect your work surface. If you don't have a drop cloth, I highly recommend picking one up on your next trip to the hardware store. Next, lay out a canvas, poster board, or other flat surface (to collect the drips and puddle of paint).

2. Add 1-2 teaspoons of water to a half-full bottle of paint and shake well, depending on the paint's thickness. It should be thin enough to pour smoothly. Some brands of acrylic paint will pour more smoothly than others without additional water.

3. Pour a stream of paint around the edge of the planter. To get a result more like Dilly-Dali Art's, you will want to block off the hole of the planter and pour from the middle. I decided to go around the edge, which gives the planter a more drippy effect.

drippy painted pottery

4. Continue to add different colors of thinned paint over the top of each layer of paint.

dripping paint pottery

5. When you are happy with the paint layering, let the planter dry. I let mine sit outside for a day, and then removed it from the canvas and let it dry for another day before planting in it. You might need to let it dry for longer, depending on the weather where you live.

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Plant Flowers in the Planter:

planting flowers

Whitney-Farms-Logo_Banner_New_C.jpg (6 documents, 6 total pages)

This project was sponsored by Whitney Farms®, so I wanted to share some planting tips with you. I was excited to try out this organic plant food because I have decided to do some gardening as a way to have fun with my kids while they are playing outdoors. I want them to be involved with the garden, so it's important to me to use all-natural organic materials so I can feel confident that they're not being exposed to any harsh chemicals.

Whitney Farms wants you to try out their plant food, so here's a $3 coupon: Whitney Farms®

To complete the potted plant, you will also need:

  • organic soil
  • Plants (I used a geranium, English daisies, and marigolds)
  • Whitney Farms organic plant food
  • Water

Plant it!

1. Add organic soil to the bottom of your planter. Put a bit of Whitney Farms organic plant food into the soil, following the directions on the package.

2. Gently remove your plants from their plastic planters, and loosen the roots a bit with your fingers. Place plants into planter.

planting flowers

3. Fill in the remaining space in the planter with additional soil.

4. Water thoroughly.

water plants thoroughly

I am looking forward to having this brightly-colored planter filled with pretty flowers out on my patio! I'm excited to see how big and healthy my flowers will get with the help of this Whitney Farms plant food.

painted planter with fertilzier


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