vision box idea book by mark montano

Mark Montano, one of my favorite craft book authors recently published a new book: Vision Box Idea Book. This book is full of mixed media inspiration for vision boxes, projects which provide a huge chance to exercise your creativity. And of course, there is no end of vision boxes you can make using your stash or stuff from the dollar store!

There’s even a quote from ME in the book! (Yes, I will take this opportunity to toot my own horn!)

mark montano quote

What I like most about my quote is that it is 100% true!

I said: “Mark Montano is one of the most innovative and exciting craft designers in the world today. His enthusiasm for creativity and his encouraging, humorous style make his books must-reads for anyone who aspires to get crafty. His designs are unexpected and fun, and he uses everyday materials and down-to-earth techniques that make craft success achievable for everyone.”

And now I can end the review.


vision box travel

All you really need to know about the book is that it has a lot of inspiration and jumping off points for making your own meaningful vision boxes.

And that Mark is a hilarious writer. And super creative and fun.

vision box sweet life

Each project contains a list of materials, and instructions to help you make one like it.

vision box overcoming obstacles

Throughout the book, Mark tells funny, positive, and uplifting stories. His writing is a lot of fun!