If your design tastes run toward the unexpected and whimsical, this storage idea fits the bill on both counts.  Inspired by a piece from Urban Outfitters, Carol from El Brooklyn Taco assembled her creation by artfully stacking an assortment of teacups.  (I think just about every thrift store I’ve ever been to has a whole shelf of lonely little teacups just waiting for their time to shine like this!)  It makes a fabulous jewelry display, and I think it would also be cute in an entryway as a catch-all for keys, change, and the like.  [how to make a teacup sculpture]

Project estimate:

  • Teacups, about $5
  • Plate, on hand or $1
  • Glue, on hand
  • Spray paint, on hand or $1 and up

Total:  about $5 and up