wire wrapping sea glass

I spent all afternoon wrapping dollar store rocks with wire for an upcoming tutorial. In true Chief CraftFail fashion, I didn’t check for instructions before I began wrapping, and just muddled my way through the project. I’m calling it “folk art.” Anyway, after I got finished with my project, I found a spectacular tutorial for “The Easy Way to Wrap Beach Glass,” by Gaylebird. I wish I would have known this method at the beginning of this afternoon before I started my project. Oh well — there’s always next time! You can learn the right way before you begin, though! Check out the fab tutorial (and the video is very good). This method makes a pendant that is ready to hang on a chain! [how to wire-wrap beach glass the easy way]

We have also previously linked to a sea glass pendant project. Gaylebird’s tutorial uses a different wire-wrapping method, so I thought it was worth sharing this one too!

wire-wrapped seaglass pendants

About the Supplies:

You can find “beach glass” at the dollar store, as well as other marbles and rocks that will work with this technique. Although you can sometimes find 24-gauge wire (floral wire) at the dollar store, you are probably best off if you buy the right wire for the job at your local craft store. Gaylebird uses 20 or 22 gauge wire in her tutorial — you can get silver-colored or brass for about $4 for a spool.

You can get wire cutters at the dollar store (although they are not flush cutters), and you will be happiest if you get a pair of round-nose pliers and chain-nose pliers. You might be able to make do with regular needle-nosed pliers for practice, but one thing I have learned in life is that having the right tools for a job can make the difference between massive frustration and tons of fun. There’s a time and a place to skimp… and tools are not it. Unless you’re just practicing. You can get a set of all three tools for less than $12 on Amazon: 3 – Piece Plier Set: Round Nose, Side Cutter, Chain Nose.

Project Estimate:

  • Round wire, 20-Gauge Wire, 12 pack for $12 ($1 per spool)
  • Beach glass, $1
  • Flush Cutters, on hand or about $4
  • Round Nose Pliers, on hand or about $4
  • Chain nose or bent chain nose pliers, on hand or about $4

Total: $2 and up

You’ll be able to make TONS of pendants with your investment in supplies and tools.