Collage Workbook

Title: The Collage Workbook: How to Get Started and Stay Inspired
Randel Plowman of A Collage a Day
Publisher: Potter Craft
List Price: $17.95 (currently selling at Amazonfor less than $12)

I’ve been having an arty summer, and I like it! I made a summer resolution to do a few pages in my sketchbook every week (bonus: I can do it while I watch my boys play outside). For inspiration, I have looked at a few books, including this one by Randel Plowman: The Collage Workbook.

Plowman is the author of the blog A Collage a Day, where he makes and sells a unique piece of art (collaged, of course), every day. In his book, he teaches you how to be inspired, and let go and start collaging.

50 creativity exercises

The book boasts 50 creativity exercises that include prompts for creating your own collages.

color plunge

Throughout the book, Plowman shares his own completed collages, that showcase all types of collage techniques, materials, and inspirations.

color theory

Before you begin, Plowman shares the basic elements of art and design, from color theory to repetition, and many other elements as well. I loved this little refresher to my art courses in college! The principles of design are so important, even if you don’t consider yourself an artist. They will only strengthen your crafty projects!

collage storage tip

By far my FAVORITE tip in this book is when Plowman shared how he stores his collage supplies. They are neatly corralled in lidded boxes, but that’s it. They aren’t organized beyond that, and Plowman says he enjoys “randomly picking a box and going through it.” I am the sort of person who also enjoys creating from an assortment of random items, and I love that Plowman removes the pressure to organize this stuff! I am going to adopt this method for organizing my dollar store crafting supplies!