While digital photography has cornered most of the modern market, there are still many folks out there who enjoy the art of film photography.  But, unlike its digital counterpart, the process leaves behind waste that often ends up in a landfill.  Luckily, the crafty folks over at Photojojo are always coming up with great ideas for using the leftovers.  These fun party invitations are made using the empty film roll canisters that are a by-product of the developing process.  (I think they would also make fun birth announcements!)  If you know someone who is a photographer and develops their own photos, they probably have a heap to give you.  If you don’t have any photog pals, inquire at your local film processing lab!  [how to make film roll party invitations]

Project estimate:

  • Film roll canisters, free
  • Paper, on hand
  • Pen or markers, on hand

Total:  Free!