Rain boots are a very handy thing to own – that is, until the day they spring a leak!  Once they’re no longer useful for jumping in puddles, what can you do with them?  (Besides give them a creative repair!)  Rosina from Rosy ~ Posy turned a few pairs into whimsical planters!  Hers are mounted to her front gate, greeting visitors and instantly making them smile.  If you don’t have a spare pair laying around that you can pack full of soil, check out your local thrift stores.  Since children outgrow them so quickly, they are a fairly easy-to-find secondhand item.  [how to make hanging rain boot planters]

Project estimate:

  • Old rain boots, on hand or about $3 and up
  • Drill, on hand
  • Cup hooks, on hand or about $0.15 each

Total:  Free and up