You know we’re big fans of the fun, shaped silicone ice cube trays that Dollar Tree carries for every holiday.  We’ve used them to make all kinds of different things!  Beth from Hungry Happenings used hers to make something we haven’t tried yet: gumdrops!  Your sweet tooth will get some serious satisfaction out of these homemade confections.  Or if you have a candy-loving friend, these would make a gift they will surely appreciate.  You can also use different combinations of colors and shapes to make gumdrops especially for other events throughout the year!  [how to make red, white, and blue gumdrops]

Project estimate:

  • Star-shaped ice cube tray, $1
  • Vegetable oil, on hand
  • Butter, on hand
  • Water, on hand
  • Pectin, about $3
  • Baking soda, on hand
  • Sugar, on hand
  • Corn syrup, on hand
  • Flavored oil, on hand or $1 and up
  • Food coloring, on hand

Total:  about $4 and up