Whether you ‘re ready or not, back-to-school time is creeping closer.  It’s not to early to start preparing!  DSC Reader Victoria is headed back to college this fall and her wardrobe needs a facelift.  But, like most college students, she’s looking to revamp it on a tight budget.  She sent us this question:

I’m going back to school in about a month (I will be a sophomore in college) and I need to upgrade my wardrobe. Can you find some new accessory or clothing crafts?

We love inexpensive fashion projects!  We put together a roundup of seven different wardrobe re-dos a while back.  Our friends Jen and Amy also have a new blog called Refashion Files that is entirely dedicated to reconstructed clothing.  (Check it out here!)

We know our readers enjoy these kind of projects as well, so we’re posing the question to you!  What are your favorite fashion crafts and DIY fashion blogs?