We love back-to-school time.  We hate to see summer go, but we love the influx of school supplies at Dollar Tree!  Whether anyone in your household is headed to class this fall or not, it’s a great time to stock up on items that are handy for all kinds of craft projects.  Wondering what to make out of them?  We’ve rounded up some of our favorite projects that use school supplies as craft supplies!

[Yellow No. 2 Pencils]

[Pencil Starburst Mirror by Just Sew Sassy]

There are plenty of things you can do with pencils that don’t involve writing an essay.  This teacher appreciation gift uses them to frame a playful starburst mirror!

[Paper Clips]

[Paper Clip Rose Ring by cute.little.disaster]

[Paper Clip Bracelet by Craftster user maddiekins]

[Paper Clip Heart Earrings by Henry Happened]

Paper clips are good for more than just holding paper together.  You can also turn them into accessories to tie your outfit together!  There are lots of ways you can turn paper clips into jewelry, including making a paper clip rose ring, a paper clip bracelet, or a pair of paperclip heart earrings.

[Jumbo Erasers]

[DIY Rubber Stamps by Obsessively Stitching]

[Eraser Ring by cute.little.disaster]

The same soft texture that makes erasers handy for removing errors also makes them a great material for carving!  Etch a design in the surface to create your own rubber stamps, or get ambitious and make something more sculptural, like a chunky eraser ring.

[Push Pins]

[String Art Stenciled Bulletin Board]

[Push Pin Starburst Ornament]

Push pins are another oh-so-fun-to-play-with item.  We’ve used them in a few of our projects, including a string art stenciled bulletin board and a push pin starburst Christmas ornament.

What are your favorite school supplies to use in your crafty endeavors?