Dollar Store Pendant Lamp DIY by mark Montano

Ever wondered what to do with those cool plastic bowls you can find at the dollar store? The quick and easy answer? Make a lamp with them like Mark Montano does. Our friend Mark is the King of Dollar Store Crafts, and he constantly amazes us with his innovative (yet cheap) craft ideas. In this video, you can make a pendant lamp with some dollar store bowls and a few other supplies. My favorite quote of the video? “Let’s face it, I can’t resist the dollar store,” — Mark Montano. [how to make a dollar store pendant light]

Project Materials:

  • 2 bowls, $2
  • Drill & drill bit, on hand
  • Cord & socket kit, $1 and up
  • Low-heat light bulb, $1
  • Electrical tape, on hand or $1
  • E-6000, the best glue in the universe, on hand
  • Craft knife, on hand or $1
  • 1/4 yard of matching fabric, on hand or $1
  • Scissors, on hand
  • Spray adhesive, on hand or about $5

Total: $4 and up