We’re huge fans of Mark Montano around here.  (After all, he literally wrote the book on dollar store crafting.)  We’re also quite enthusiastic about quirky DIY chandeliers made from unusual items.  Items like…  a tomato cage!  With garden season winding down, the already inexpensive wire structures should be on clearance sales for even cheaper! This summer, my local garden center even had them in a few bright, fun colors – red, yellow, and green.  Get all of the details on how Mar made it at Think Crafts!  [how to make a tomato cage chandelier]

Project estimate:

  • Tomato cage, about $1.50 and up
  • Bead strings, about $5 and up
  • Embellishments, on hand or $1 and up
  • Glue, on hand

Total:  about $6.50 and up