Your eyes aren’t the only ones that strain in the bright summer sun – your pooch’s eyes need protection too!  Next time you step out for a walk on a sunny day, do it in style with these cool doggie sunglasses!  They go on the head in a goggles-like fashion; perhaps we should call them Doggles?  Erika and Sebastian from Sew DoggyStyle are here today to share how to make your own pair!

Project estimate:
  • Sunglasses (either baby, kids, or adult depending on size of dog), $1
  • Stretchy headbands, $1
  • String, on hand or $1
Total:  $2 and up
First remove the screws from the sides of the sunglasses with a tiny screw driver and toss ’em.
Insert string into holes where the screws came from.
Use this string to attach center of headband on both sides (one headband for small dogs or more for larger dogs).
The purpose of the headband is to have part of it going behind the ears and the other part of it under the chin to help keep the shades on.  Adjust/add the headband(s) as needed according to the size of your dog’s head.