Need a fun way to customize a frame to your favorite color scheme?  Steph from Crafting in the Rain is here with us today to share how to make this ombre bead picture frame – and it’s easier than you might think!  Make sure you take a moment to drop by her blog to check out more of her projects and say hello!

Project estimate:

  • Frame, on hand or $1
  • Wood beads, $1 and up
  • Pipe cleaner, on hand
  • Paint, on hand or$1 and up
  • Hot glue, on hand

Total:  $1 and up

Lay beads out on frame to determine your pattern.  I was able to get 14 across and 16 down, so I split it into 4 groups of 4 rows each.
Thread beads onto pipe cleaner.  This makes them easier to hold and paint, though it’s still not completely mess-free.  Starting with the darkest color, paint your predetermined number of rows.
Next, blend in some of your next color, or a little white, and paint the next section of rows.  Continue the same way, gradually changing the paint color until all sections of rows are painted.  You can control how subtle or dramatic the color difference is each time. Let dry and glue one at a time to the frame.
Once the glue is set you’re ready to add a favorite photo for display.  What colors would you choose?