I love those dollar store fake foam pumpkins, but what can you do with them? Facebook fan Christina S. has a question I think we’d all like to know the answer to: “I have a dollar tree foam pumpkin…what should i do with it–any ideas??” Well, Christina, I have four foam pumpkins, and I need to figure out what to do with them too! So many options!

1. Duct Tape Pumpkin

duct tape pumpkin

Well, I pretty much HAVE to mention the duct tape pumpkin I just made, right? Cover a pumpkin with duct tape, make a few flowers, and you’re done.

2. Plaid Flannel Pumpkin by the V Spot

plaid flannel pumpkin

Old work shirt, meet pumpkin. Easy way to cover a dollar store foam pumpkin and result in a cute country pumpkin!

3. Realistic Fake Pumpkin by the V Spot

realistic fake pumpkin

While looking at the country pumpkin above, I found this awesome tutorial also by Viv, on how to paint a fake foam pumpkin to make it look more realistic. This is great! Everyone wants a realistic fake pumpkin.

 4. Ombre Glitter Pumpkin by The Swell Life

ombre glitter pumpkins

These are so pretty! My good friend Alexa over at The Swell Life is the queen of Halloween crafting, and she’s been posting great pumpkin craft ideas all week. These ombre glitter pumpkins are so cute, and easy, too.

5. Mustache Pumpkins by The Swell Life

super simple mustache pumpkins

Okay, I’m gonna try really hard not to repost Alexa’s entire blog right now, but she has done some SUPER CUTE pumpkins. Like these mustache pumpkins using fake mustaches from the dollar store. Eeee. Everything is better with fake mustaches from the dollar store!

6. Spooky Spider Pumpkin Centerpiece by Ladies Home Journal

spider pumpkin centerpiece

For this spooky spider pumpkin centerpiece, you need:

  • a dollar store pumpkin, $1
  • a cake stand (or make your own from a small plate and bowl glued together with E-6000), $2
  • greenery, on hand
  • acrylic paint (cream colored), on hand
  • a black paint pen (or Sharpie), on hand
  • a package of plastic spiders, $1

Total: $4

Great deal for a simple and elegant centerpiece with a tiny splash of creepy.

7. Sparkly Skeleton Pumpkin by Mod Podge Rocks

sparkle skeleton mod podge pumpkin

If humorous gothic is more your speed, how about this sparkle skull pumpkin from Amy at Mod Podge Rocks. The burgundy foliage adds just the right touch of macabre gloom.

8. Cross Stitched Fake Pumpkin by Elsie Marley

cross stitched pumpkin

I love this idea! Cross stitch on a pumpkin. Don’t say I never did anything for you!

9. Pumpkin Lollipop Holder by Maiden D’Shade

lollipop pumpkin

Here’s a cute idea for handing out suckers on Halloween: make a fake pumpkin lollipop holder. This is also a great carnival game (color a black dot on the bottom of the winning suckers – the person who pulls it wins an extra prize).

10. Sparkle Pumpkins by In These Small Moments

sparkle pumpkin craft

This gorgeous photo and these gorgeous sparkly pumpkins and gourds are by a blogger who claims she isn’t crafty at all. But LOOK HOW PRETTY!! If you are a beginning crafter, look what awesome pumpkins you can make with just some glitter and glue. Come to the crafty side… we have glitter!

11. Mod Podged Pumpkin by His and Hers

mod podged pumpkin

This pretty black and white pumpkin has a gothic romance vibe that comes from using pages of an art textbook. Simple project that just uses Mod Podge and paper. The best part? You can get any look you want by decoupaging paper to a pumpkin!

12. Terra Cotta Mosaic Pumpkin by Styrofoamcrafts

outdoor mosaic pumpkins

If you feel like getting a little more detailed with your fake pumpkin crafts, this terra cotta mosaic pumpkin is pretty cool! It will probably take several hours to complete, but the final look is pretty cool, and you can set it out on your patio year after year.

13. Sequin Pumpkin by The Rabens Family

sequined pumpkin

Some dollar store pins and a pack of sequins – that’s all you need to decorate a fake pumpkin up in disco style. This sequined pumpkin seems like a relaxing craft to do while watching your favorite TV show.

14. Swarm of Bats Pumpkin by No Biggie

bat pumpkin

Simply place some cutouts on a pumpkin with a dab of glue or some straight pins to create this swarm of bats pumpkin by Kami at No Biggie.

15. Subway Art Pumpkin by Alexa for Tatertots and Jello

subway art pumpkin

Alexa from The Swell Life created this cool distressed subway art pumpkin. It’s as simple as letter stickers and spray paint.

15 easy fake pumpkin crafts

Have I missed any cool pumpkin decorating ideas? Give us a comment and a link!