halloween oil and vinegar bottles

This week, I am sharing a Halloween Hostess Gift over at SpottedCanary.com, featuring a whole lot of great dollar store projects for the Halloween kitchen. I found these fun glass oil and vinegar bottles at the dollar store, and I knew they’d look amazing with K&Company’s Halloween Die Cut Label Stickers by Brenda Walton. I love these labels so much, and the resulting projects could not be easier. You just need dollar store stuff, the labels, and Mod Podge and you’re pretty much done. [complete project & instructions: Halloween Hostess Gift]

Deathly Decanters

Deathly Decanters Project Estimate:

Total: $9.36

halloween spooky oil bottle

This “thrill, chill, and be scary” decanter is my favorite. I wrapped a scrap of brown kraft wrapping paper around the bottle behind the label and Mod Podged it onto the bottle. With the single eye and the feather both on the same bottle… what could this bottle contain?

Speaking of what they could contain, you could fill them with oil and vinegar, or how about flavored coffee syrups? They would even be fun for milk or half and half at a spooky coffee bar. I just gave myself a Halloween party idea – a coffee bar would be a huge hit with my family!

Scary Spice Jars

halloween spice jars

Scary Spice Jars Project Estimate:

  • Glass and chrome spice shakers, $1 each
  • Halloween labels mentioned above, on hand
  • Mod Podge, on hand
  • Foam brush, on hand
  • Rubber bands, on hand

Total: $1 each plus labels

Tip: To keep the labels on the curved surfaces while they dry, put a rubber band or three on the label until it’s dry. This is especially important with the vellum because Mod Podge makes vellum curl up.

halloween spice jar

Another tip: I just Mod Podged on and around each label, and didn’t cover the whole bottle in Mod Podge. You can see the Mod Podge around the label, but the rest of the bottle remains clear.

Creepy Chip Clips

halloween chip clip

These standard dollar store chip clips got way more fun with just a scrap of paper and a cute sticker. These epoxy stickers are another goodie from the Brenda Walton K&Company line, and I love how each sticker is like a miniature work of creepy-cute art.

Creepy Chip Clips Project Estimate:

Total: $5

halloween chip clip clipping

You can use the chip clips to clip anything, even 100% organic heart-healthy winter wheat kernels. Another idea, how about gluing a magnet to the back of a clip to use it on the fridge?