super bubble station for party

Want a super party activity that will WOW your guests? This activity is a homemade “super bubble” that party guests can stand inside of! It’s the perfect idea for a superhero party, a bubble party, a water party, or just an outdoor summer party.

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Super Bubble Station

This project is from the Superhero Party. Check out some of these other gorgeous details from the Superhero Party:

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What you Need:

  • 19 L (5 gallons) distilled water
  • 2.5 L (10 cups) Dawn® dish soap (non-antibacterial)
  • 1.2 L (5 cups) Glycerin (optional)
  • Children’s hard plastic swimming pool
  • Hula Hoop

super bubble for superhero party

What you do:

1. Set the pool in an area that’s away from any wind. Mix distilled water with Dawn® Dish Soap in the swimming pool.

2. To create stronger bubbles, add Glycerin to the mix. The bubble solution will get better with time, so if possible, allow
your mixture to sit overnight.

3. When you’re ready to start the activity, place the hula-hoop at the bottom of the pool. If desired, put a small stool in the
center of the swimming pool so children won’t have to remove their shoes.

4. Have a child get in the pool (or on the stool), and quickly and steadily lift the hula-hoop straight out of the water over
the child’s head!

Hint: If your bubble isn’t forming it is probably because you are lifting the hula-hoop too slowly.

bubble station at superhero party

kara's party ideasAbout Kara: Kara has been planning parties and events for people in her life ever since she was a little girl. Through the years, Kara’s creativity and love for party styling has only increased. Kara is known for her capacity to ‘think outside the box’ and do things that haven’t been done before. Kara’s amazing attention to detail and unique sense of style have rocketed her blog,, into one of the top party planning sites in the world. Kara has been featured on TLC, HGTV, several morning talk shows, numerous magazines and publications, The Rachael Ray Show and more.