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fall patio with monogram

How do you decorate your yard and porch for fall? It can be as easy as adding some pretty seasonal plants, a few pumpkins, and a quickie monogram project for your front door. Adding fall color plants to your garden or decorative containers is a fun and simple way to Find beauty in the Fall.

Inspiration image: Better Homes and Gardens

To get this look:

Potted Fall Plants: Potting plants is a simple process, and you can quickly paint terra cotta planters with a coat of acrylic craft paint and some acrylic sealer (to make them weather resistant). Use a variety of sizes and styles for an eclectic, artsy look.

Monogram: The monogram on the door is a great alternative to a traditional wreath. To make it, cut a letter out of sturdy cardboard or plywood, and then glue on round cuts from dowels (or recycled wine corks).

Pumpkins: I like to shop at my local pumpkin patch for unique heirloom pumpkins to set on my stairs. You can also find some unusual varieties at your local grocery store.

Fall Potted Plant Project

fall color

I found instructions for this simple potting project on the Fall gardening page at Fall plant and feed.

Project Materials:

To Pot Plants:

1. Scoop potting mix into the pot about 1/3 full.

2. Put seedlings or plants into to pot, and fill in extra space with additional potting mix.

3. Give the pot a good watering using the LiquaFeed feeding system.


The LiquaFeed system sounds great because it takes the guesswork out of feeding plants:

  • No mixing, no measuring, no mess!
  • No more guessing when the plant food is gone–when the bottle empties, feeding is done.
  • Automatically applies plant food at an even rate–no worry of over- or under-feeding.
  • Feeder easily switches between feeding and water-only options.

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