haunted house paper bag craft

Paper lunch sacks – cheap and fun to craft with! Need some paper lunch sack craft ideas for Fall? Well, here ya go! I’ve collected some of the best craft ideas around. You can use these as general decorative items, create some paper bag crafts for craft time with your kiddos, or surprise your child with a fancy lunch sack. This Haunted House Paper Sack idea is from The Paper Pony. [haunted house lunch sack]

paper pumpkin patch

Paper Pumpkin Patch by Crayola

This would be a fun activity to do with the kids. Even toddlers can scribble some bags orange. This is sooo much easier than actually carving pumpkins!

owl paper bag craft

Owl Paper Bag Craft by Danielle’s Place of Crafts and Activities

Find this adorable paper bag craft on the Owl Crafts and Learning Activities page, along with a slew of other adorable owl crafts.

painted paper bag pumpkins

Painted Paper Bag Pumpkins by The Craft Nest

Painting a paper bag is a simple, yet cute way to create a pumpkin.

halloween paper bag puppets

Halloween Paper Bag Puppets by Amanda Formaro for Make and Takes

Amanda of Crafts by Amanda created these cute Halloween puppets out of paper lunch sacks. You can vary the look and expression on the character’s face from friendly to scary depending on your child’s age and sensitivity.

spooky eye lunch sack

Spooky Eye Lunch Sack Craft by Crafts By Amanda

Creepy-cute craft idea for a paper sack!

spooky paper bag puppets

Spooky Paper Bag Puppets by A Spotted Pony

These old-school paper bag puppets are a ton of fun when you add Halloween accessories. And of course, my favorite craft supply, googly eyes!

paper bag trees

Paper Bag Trees by Matsutake

Katie at Matsutake twisted these paper bags up into whimsical trees for a fun paper lunch sack craft.

cat paper lunch sack

Paper Sack Cats (and Spiders) by AllYou.com

A few snips, some marker, and scrap paper whiskers and you can create adorable goodie bags out of paper lunch sacks.

printable lunch bag

Printable Lunch Sacks by The Gunny Sack

Tonia figured out how to send her paper lunch sacks through her printer to make custom lunch sacks. Brilliant!

10 paper sack craft ideas