It’s the weekend before Halloween, and that means that all around the world people will be entering costume contests.  We even had a Halloween costume contest here at DSC, and now it is time to announce a winner!  Keep reading to find out who won a $100 gift card from Dollar Tree, and don’t forget to check out all of the contest entries to see if you agree!

Halloween Costume Challenge at Dollar Store Crafts

Meet Our Guest Judge

Before we count down our favorite contest entries, let’s meet this month’s guest judge!  When we think of Halloween crafters one of the first folks to come to mind is Alexa Westerfield from The Swell Life and I Love to Create.  This season she has been dazzling her readers with a ton of great no-carve pumpkin decorating ideas, but her holiday talents don’t end there.  She also has some awesome Halloween costume ideas, including these comical outfits:

Deviled Egg Halloween Costume (via

[Deviled Egg Halloween Costume at The Swell Life]

Mona Lisa Halloween Costume (via

[Mona Lisa Halloween Costume at The Swell Life]

Thanks for joining us this month, Alexa!

Halloween Costume Contest Top Picks

Now that we’ve taken care of that business, we know you’re anxious to see who won the contest.  It was tough to narrow it down this month with so many great contest entries!  Here are our top five picks; did your favorites make the cut?

5.  Placemat Bug

Placemat Bug Costume (via

[Placemat Bug Costume by Sandy P.]

We couldn’t resist how adorable this bug costume is!  Reader Sandy P. shared this idea via the DSC Community; the majority of the costume is constructed using dollar store placemats!  [how to make a placemat bug Halloween costume]

4. Mother Nature

Mother Nature Halloween Costume (via

[Mother Nature Costume by Re-Creations]

When Shiela from Re-Creations went shopping at Dollar Tree to put together this costume, she hit almost every department in the store!  We love how she incorporated both seasonal items and year-round stock.  It’s such a cute idea!  [how to make a Mother Nature Halloween costume]

3. Dirty Laundry

Dirty Laundry Halloween Costume (via

[Dirty Laundry Costume by Love2Dream, Do You?]

Everyone at the party will chuckle when they see you dressed up in this clever costume.  Over at Love2Dream, Do You? we got a good laugh out of this dirty laundry costume.  As an added bonus, it’s a great costume for a cold climate.  If the temperatures fall, just add more laundry!  [how to make a dirty laundry Halloween costume]

2. Spine Chilling Chia Pet

Spine Chilling Chia Pet Halloween Costume (via

[Spine Chilling Chia Pet Costume by My House is Cuter Than Yours]

We’re suckers for adorable animals, so of course we had to include this costume for a four-legged friend.  My House is Cuter Than Yours dressed up her pup as a spooky, deteriorating Chia Pet, complete with creepy-crawlies.  Too cute!   [how to make a spine chilling Chia Pet Halloween costume]

And The Winner Is…

1. Chinese Takeout Box

Chinese Takeout Box Halloween Costume (via

[Chinese Takeout Box Costume by A Turtle’s Life for Me]

Natalie from A Turtle’s Life for Me entered a post with so many great costume ideas that we were completely amazed!  Our favorite was this super cute Chinese takeout box costume.  (Check out the finishing touch of using chopsticks in her hair!)   Be sure to stop by her blog and see the rest of her hilarious homemade costumes from other years as well!)  [how to make a Chinese takeout box Halloween costume]

That also means that Natalie is the lucky winner of a $100 Dollar Tree gift card!  (That’s enough to make a whole army of takeout box costumes!)  Congratulations, Natalie!  Thanks to all who entered.  And of course…  have a spooktacular Halloween!