anthropologie mirror project

Who loves Anthropologie? Who loves getting inspiration from Anthropologie and crafting it up dollar store style? We do! And today we have a guest video tutorial from the very entertaining Debi’s Design Diary – check out this amazing mirror she made from dollar store materials, inspired by the Iron Circle mirror at Anthropologie. Anthro’s version of the mirror is $428, but you can make a dollar store version for about $25, for a savings of… $403 bucks! We love our contributor, so please go [visit Debi’s Design Diary]

If you love fun craft videos, you HAVE TO subscribe to Debi’s Youtube Channel. She is so fun!

Here’s the video tutorial, read on for the written instructions.

Project Materials:

  • 15 mirrors, $15
  • Rustoleum Gold spray paint, $5
  • Hex nuts & Screws (15 1-1/4″ screws, 45 hex nuts), estimated $5
  • 12 paint can lids, on hand (or buy for .39 each)
  • Drill, on hand
  • Clamp, on hand
  • Hammer & nail, on hand
  • Yard stick, on hand
  • Permanent marker, on hand
  • E-6000 or other glass glue, on hand or $5 and up

Total: $25 and up

Anthropologie-Inspired Circles Mirror Instructions:

While I am providing written instructions here, I recommend you watch the video to get the full picture of how to create this mirror!

anthropologie knockoff mirror

This is the inspiration mirror Debi saw at Anthropologie.

anthropologie knockoff mirror dollar store version

Supplies: Use 12 old paint can lids you have on hand and clean them up with paint thinner, OR buy old paint lids at your local recycled building supply center, or I found them online for about $.39 each (which would make 12 of them a little over $5, not including shipping). The mirrors are from the candle section at the dollar store.

anthropologie mirror, step 1: marking the drill holes

1. Lay the paint lids out together in a grid of three by five. Mark the edges of the paint can lids where they touch other paint lids. Use a yard stick and permanent marker to get them lined up as accurately as possible. You will drill in the spots where you marked.

anthropologie mirror step 2: clamp and drill

2. Clamp the lid down to a worktable, and drill in the spots where you marked. You will drill through the outside of the lid. This is where you will be attaching screws and hex nuts.

Attach lids together with screws and hex nuts. Each screw should have three hex nuts – one on the inside of the screw, one between the lids, and one on the outside of the screw.

anthropologie mirror step 3: spray paint lids

3. Once the paint lids are all connected, flatten them down on your work surface so they lay flat. Spray paint with gold paint.

anthropologie mirror step 5: glue on mirrors

4. When paint dries, glue mirrors onto paint lid grid. Use E-6000 or a similar glue.

anthropologie mirror for $25