Make a bath pouf Halloween costume (via

Today is the day!  If you are scrambling to put together a last-minute Halloween costume, I commend you on your impressive procrastination skills.  (Oh trust me, procrastination is something I am very good at too!)  There’s always the ol’ sheet-turned-ghost costume, right?  But if you’re seeking something a little more clever, here is a unique idea that is easy enough to assemble in no more than a couple of hours.  Instructables user Carleyy turned yardage of tulle into an adorable bath pouf costume!  Her tulle is sewn to a jersey cloth tube dress that she made as a base for the outfit, but if you lack the time or sewing skills a t-shirt or tank top would also make a suitable base.  Now that’s some good, clean fun!  [how to make a bath pouf Halloween costume]

Project estimate:

  • T-shirt or jersey fabric, on hand or $1 and up
  • Tulle, about $5 and up
  • Rope, on hand or $1
  • Needle and thread, on hand

Total:  about $5 and up