coffin trick box halloween

I’m a bit of a practical joker, so at Halloween I like to play a few tricks and not just dole out treats, especially with my kids.  This Trick (not a treat!) Coffin Box was easy to make and a fun prank to pull. My kids thought they were getting candy, but they received a surprise instead!

Project estimate:

  • Cardboard coffin, $1 and up
  • Wire, on hand or $1 and up
  • Plastic insects, $1
  • Paint, on hand
  • Glue, on hand

Total:  $2 and up

instructions for trick coffin box
1.  Cut a piece of recycled cardboard in the shape of the coffin.  Trim it so it will fit inside the coffin.

2.  Paint the coffin and the insert.

3.  Wrap the wire around a marker to make a coil.  I made my coil shorter for my young daughter’s box (easier for her to close) and longer for my boys’ (ejects the insects further).

4.  Glue the coil to the base of the coffin and the bottom of the insert.  I used E6000 but a glue gun would work, too.

5.  Push the insert into the coffin, place small plastic insects (or confetti!) on top, and close the top.

6.  Find a victim to surprise!

This fun little clip will help you see the project in action:

Have fun tricking people!